February 4, 2018 Jalan Kiara Road, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

TOKUYA: Malaysia Newest Japan Concept Store at Arcoris Mont' Kiara!

If you're looking for high quality Japanese household items, you might want to visit TOKUYA that located at Arcoris Mont' Kiara! If you want to know the geez before heading there, click for more 😆

TOKUYA Malaysia Curitan Aqalili
Hug that plastic bag because you know it's the high quality Japanese items from TOKUYA!

If you happened to encounter Don Quijote during your Japan trip, this might be similar to experience the same things. Do take note that TOKUYA sells over 20,000 wide range of products such as:
  • Household products
  • Stationery
  • Kitchenware
  • Cosmetics
  • Gardening
  • Storage (boxes)
  • Pet Products and many more...

TOKUYA Malaysia Curitan Aqalili
Their kitchenware are just too eye-catching!
Well, actually when I step on the store I didn't know where to start because their store is really huge! But anyhow I need to start exploring and when I did that, I noticed that every single items are in Japanese. 

This makes me curious does all of the items are really imported directly from Japan? Aha, there are actually tons fun facts that you need to know about TOKUYA such as:
  • They have a closed relationship with their Japanese partners, AND
  • All of their products are manufactured in Japan
This conclude that all of the items that you will bought from here is guaranteed high quality products that worth your ka-ching!

Lion Toothpaste Kao Toothpaste Curitan Aqalili
I'm confused to choose whether it's Lion or Kao Toothpaste? 
Speaking about ka-ching, I'm pretty sure most of us wanted to know about the price range. Therefore, I will show you how I spend less than RM100 and get total of 7 useful items for myself and my family!

Before that, I want to tell you how you can get to here since it seems like Arcoris is a new spot in Mont' Kiara. 
  • You can either park at Plaza Mont Kiara, 1 Mont Kiara or Arcoris Mont' Kiara itself.
  • If you park at the Arcoris, if you see Starbucks, walk straight until you see escalator and head down to LG1.
  • Look out on your right and TOKUYA is right in front of you!
Arcoris Mont' Kiara Curitan Aqalili
Here is how you can get to TOKUYA and get your shopping done!

Now you already know how to get there, it's time to break down my TOKUYA haul! Take note that the items price at TOKUYA starts as low as RM5.80 (excluded GST).

ANDDD I would say my haul is succeed because I enjoy shopping there because the place is huge and everything is in order. I felt calm and aren't rushing to explore all the sections inside the store.

But, out all of 20,000 products, this 7 items caught my eyes because... it's something that I can use not just for myself but also my family (well some of it) 😙

TOKUYA Malaysia Curitan Aqalili
Can you guess the price of all this items?
Total damage of my TOKUYA haul is RM 52.70 (include 6% of GST) and I get a bottle of wet tissue (130 pcs), toothpaste, toothbrush, pet brush, nail polish, apple cutter and cotton buds.

I would say out of all these 7 items, I like the apple cutter and toothpaste because it fits with their Purposeful Unique concept. 

So.... that's all for my TOKUYA experiences! Honestly, I'm glad to discover another Japan concept store in Malaysia because I would say their items are high quality and useful. I know my haul are pretty really regular, but as long it helps my daily life, it's more than enough.

TOKUYA Malaysia Curitan Aqalili
Happy to discover more Japan concept store in Malaysia!
If you are interested to discover new things as I am, head down to TOKUYA at
  • LG1_06&07 Arcoris Plaza Mont' Kiara OR just Waze!
  • Get more information about the store on Facebook & Instagram.

TOKUYA Malaysia Curitan Aqalili
Ready to explore TOKUYA?

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