November 5, 2017

I Spend Under RM100 at UNIQLO Malaysia & Here's Some Tricks Under My Sleeve!

What's up everyone! It's a new month and I can't believe it's almost the end of the year. Overall, it was a great 2017 for me and I hope to continue write on this blog regularly. I know I didn't update in a quite long time, but from now on I'll try to write at least 2 post weekly. For this post, I hope it will benefits you especially if you are in love with Uniqlo like I do! 

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I have a confession to make: I'm a cheapskate, but not that extreme. I will try my best to save a money or temptation from purchased something. That's why on my birthday, I will redeem free stuff yearly and it had become like tradition for myself.

But, I will make sure that I love things that I redeem or going to buy. So, Uniqlo is one of the brand that I love because the quality are great and have that minimalist style. 

I have tons of items from Uniqlo that I style regularly especially the drape jogger pants that look formal and comfortable as fine. 

Disclaimer here, I'm not sponsored by Uniqlo. I just wanted to share my experiences and hopefully give some valuable tips if you're one of their fan. 

I'm going to state 3 tips if you are planning to buy some Uniqlo clothes soon and want to save some ka-ching. Here we go ...

1. Lookout for Defect Shelf

This first step might be a little bit extreme for you but trust me, it's not that bad. I still remember I was just roaming around and found this one shelf label as defect items (if I'm not mistaken)

Throughout the digging (yes, all the items are folded and plastic), I found this reversible parka that I wanted for so long. I thought the price would be more than RM100 since that is the original price, but it was RM59.90 WITH just a tiny bit of ink stained.

Uniqlo Malaysia Curitan Aqalili
Ink stained on the parka.
Honestly, it wasn't that obvious plus it's a reversible parka I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be a big problem. 

The second items that I bought is white tops, this items also have a little bit defects on the neck area but not visible. I just think that I can just bleach and it would looks just like new. When I found this, it was like a jackpot because I really want the exact shirt and I got it at a cheap price.

Feeling great? But, these defects items cannot be changed and refund. I suggest you to pick carefully, and make sure to check all the defects as mentioned on the plastic before checkout.

Another things that this defect items cannot be bought online, only at the stores but I will put the link below for your reference.

List of items that I bought on this sections:

1. MEN Reversible Parka : RM 59.90 (Normal Price: RM 149.90)>
2. WOMEN Ribbed High Neck Long Sleeve T-shirt Shirt: RM 19.90 (Normal Price: RM 49.90)

2. Value Buy!

Every time I went to Uniqlo and search for the items, it's like a jackpot to me. Because I always get the items that I want for so long: Hana Tajima Collections!

This two items below are bought in two different location & date. On this sections, there are no defects and it's refundable (T&C apply). The most affordable things that I have bought at Uniqlo is sock which not more that RM5.00, and this scarf for RM9.90.

I love Hana Tajima, I have one her Maysaa inner neck and stil using it untill now and I never regret buying stuff from this collections.

Hana Tajima Old Collections for RM9.90
The second shopping chart that I have bought recently are this two items. I just start working this past few months and I didn't do any clothes shopping yet because I was strict to budget. But, letting myself bought this two items under RM100 was the best treat for myself.

As I mentioned earlier, I have another drape jogger pants that I bought at normal price which I wear it consistently. The reason I wanted to bought the same material areI didn't have to iron and it's suitable for formal or casual. Thumbs up for this drape jogger pants!

Two items that I bought recently under RM100
List of items that I bought on this sections:

1. Hana Tajima Scarf : RM 9.90 (Normal Price: Not Available)
2. Hana Tajima Collection 2017: Women HPJ Oversized Long Sleeve T-shirt Shirt (in Blue colour) : RM 39.90 (Normal Price: RM 59.90)
3. Women Drape Striped Jogger Pants (Blue Colour) : RM 39.90 (Normal Price: RM 129.90)

3. Bundles Shop!

This is extra tips as I always discover Uniqlo flannel at bundle shop. Yes, I love bundles and it's sort of like therapy for me and I save tons of money when I went there. If you are interested in Uniqlo, high possibility you will discover tons of flannel especially if the bundle shop stated their stocks is from Japan. 

I always did bundle shopping at NST Selayang. Another bundle shop that I love is located at Melaka. I went there couple of times during my study there and I always found Uniqlo flannel in a really great condition.

I heard Jalan Jalan Japan have wide range of items but I didn't pay a visit yet. Maybe I will soon since I have a work trip to Japan in mid November. Let me know if you want me to do some post about Jalan Jalan Japan, I will be happy to share some tips and tricks with you.


Before I end this post, I just want to clarify I did buy tons of items from Uniqlo at normal price. This is some of the items that I discover when I was looking for an affordable option but I can assure you this is not impulse purchased because I used them multiple times.

If you love this post, let me know on the comment box below and I would love to hear your story about Uniqlo, yaay or naay? Till then.

Items that I get from Uniqlo under RM100
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  1. omg. bestnya dapat yang murah. unlucky me, selalu pergi Uniqlo and takde apa apa discount. The only thing yang akak boleh beli ialah inner tudung RM 19.90 je hahahaha

    1. akak kena cari yang dekat dalam plastic, rak tepi tu. kadang kadang ada dapat baju RM19.90. Just kena tahan malu sikit lah kalau orang tengok .