August 4, 2016

Movie Review: Suicide Squad (Spoiler Alert!)

"We are the bad guys, it's what we do." 

Let me know in the comment section below who said this! 

Hi guys, another movie review after that long hiatus. Since the study is over, I am able to breathe again and watch a movie in the cinema. Yes, there are like four or more movies that I didn't get to watch in cinema like Ghostbuster, Finding Dory, Now You See Me 2 and others. Although there are certain cinemas that still air the movie but the excitement had just gone away and I'm just watching it on my laptop (lazy me).

Today, it's the day for Suicide Squad. 

Seriously, I was all over the place for this but I have my doubt after reading few reviews that give a very low rating, like telling you that 'you are wasting your money if you watch this movie!'. 

Let me clear that up, it's your money, and if there is a tiny bit feeling inside you that really want to watch this movie, ignore the reviews, spend and enjoy it.

Everybody opinions are different, mine is some of this below:

I understand the trailer is really spectacular. Their advertisement is just on point and sometimes mislead. Here is the thing, people expecting more Joker scene in it, but there are not that much, so the audience feels betray somehow in someway.

I did expect more Joker scene in it because Jared Leto has done some crazy stuff to portrayed Joker in the movie (he even sent a dead rat to another cast). His method of acting is just really different and unique and with all the hype, people are expecting more Joker.

But, the movie is about Suicide Squad, so I think it's fairly distributed and focused on the movie title itself. Remember, Joker is not the main story here, it's the squad. 

The storyline is quite jumpy but not that confusing. The squad consist vary of characters, and each of them is unique. In the early stage of the movie, there will be few introductions of most of the characters, but there are some that will be in the last scene.

If you didn't know each of the characters backgrounds, don't get frustrated, remember they have a time constraint. I would say, they kind of did their best in order to cramp all of them in one movie.

Like Deadpool, people expecting a more fighting scene, but  for me, the first movie of a new character is always about an introduction.

I love surprises, but this movie is just full of it and I would say it was a bit overwhelming for me. Because at some point you will see Batman and Flash in a really quick (flash) way. 

Spoiler Alert
But, I was not expecting the villain will be Enchantress at all. Due to the trailer, I expected Joker will be it. 

Soundtrack: Eargasm and fantastic choices of music. Bohemian Rhapsody are just to die for!

My favourite character is Harley Quinn play by Margot Robbie. Her character is just full of joy, in a crazy way. 

Yeah, she did the best to portray the character. It must be hard to give a new perspective of the character because there is so many version of Harley Quinn, from comic book to animated series, she nailed it.


That's all for the review!

I usually write a review without providing a rating, that is just my style of writing and I will try to stick with it. 

Like I always said, people opinion is different individually and this is a movie.

I respect all of the hard work of the crews and cast members in making sure every movie become a reality and that is good. Because they heard a fan voices and sometimes the movie creator just want to create art, messages and entertainment for the audience to be able to enjoy. 

Good and bad reviews affect our actions, and I just want to be able to say that just see it for yourself and be the judge. 

Enjoy watching every movie in the cinema! If you like or dislike it stated the reasons, there is no right or wrong. Sharing is caring. Ciao!

P/S: Do stay for the credit, there will be one extra scene on midway through!

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