January 27, 2016

Bali Trip #4 : Final

This will be our last post on Bali Trip, it will include about Day 4 and 5 (where we say goodbye to Bali). Let's go!

By the way, did you notice something different?

24th January 2015 (Saturday)

The fourth day will be categorized as educational and lay back time in Bali. This is due to a lot of places that we were heading is temples and mostly requires a long time to arrived at that placed. Spending time more in a car and less time outside (not like the last post, where we were at the beach all night long).  
  • Taman Ayun
This place is huge and there are few sections that tell different stories at a time. Like in a picture below, this explains about their lifestyle I perhaps.  For more background stories about Taman Ayun, click here.

  • Jatiluwih pacung rice terrace (lunch overlooking)
I feel like I'm in Cameron Highlands but replaced tea farm with rice terrace.

Indeed, Bali was full of places that you can eat peacefully, and I have no doubt about that even though the food was regular to us.

I know that in Malaysia we also have the same things as Bali, but  what makes this different and value to me is, I captured this memory with my family.

Ehem, enough about it, if you want to know a history of this place, click here.

  • Ulun Danu temple & Bratan Lake

Move on to the next place and it was absolutely on my top of the list, Ulun Danu temple. Similar to Taman Ayun, there are few sections too. But what makes it different is, it's located in Bratan Lake area.

I was awe by the view (I noticed that I repeated the same thing all over again), but this is the real deal. To know about the history of this place, click here.

  • Beranda at GWK
Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) is a park where it full with Hindu monuments that full or meaning and artsy.

We managed to see their performances before having our dinner. The performance was almost similar with the Batubulan barong art and culture performance.

To know more about this place, click here.

As far I remembered, when we arrived near to our hotel, we tell Pak Dita to drop us at the Beachwalk shopping centre. Since it's out last night, why not walking around Kuta and see how locals strive through the nights.

25th January 2015 (Sunday)

  • Shopping around Kuta and Pasar Sukawati
It's our last day, and before headed to the airport, we decided to buy ole-ole for our family (my dad), friends and bring our best memories to them.

We walk around Kuta since last night, most of the stalls are closed and we didn't have a nice glimpse with all the things that they sell during the night. I didn't buy anything around Kuta, instead, I accompany my mother, which looking for leather bags.

When we were walking, I noticed someone shout my name and I thought I was just having it in my mind, but yeah my university friend shouted my name while he rides motorcycle (hawk eye ayee).

Move forward to Pasar Sukawati, this place is huge and has variety of choices of souvenier (you named it). I was in a tight budget, so I choose really carefully and it turns out great.

  • Heading back home!
Along the way to the airport, I never take my eyes off anything that I see and it's kind of heartbreaking and sad for me. Since it was my very first time flying out and have a vacation outside of Malaysia, *sigh* I'm thankful for this opportunity. I just hoped that I will get the chances of travelling to others country as well.

That's the end of Bali post, hope everybody enjoy reading it although there is few grammatical error everywhere. I just hoped by writing something on my blog consistently will bring a change and it was a simplest form or training that I could have during my semester break.

Last but not least, THANK YOU!

 "Wherever you go, go with all your heart." - Confucius

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