June 6, 2015

Bert's Cafe - Butter Chicken Goodness!

Let's start the adventure to the world of food, Bert's.

1. Welcome to Bert's!
Firstly, I would like to thank to those that brought me here. 
(To whom who not be named, you know who you are! Thanks!)

It's like been a week or so I've never taste a good food, and a great environment to eat.
Due to that, Bert's is a great for a-kind-of head start for me.

This is a great start because, it's build up your hunger to taste their food.

2. Yes, what you are up for grab?

Bert's is a self-service cafe, which the moment you step food at Bert's, you went straight to the counter, order, pay & wait for your order. Simple as ABC. 

And yeah, if you are student, you can get 20% off (just show your student ID!)

3. Let's eat!

The one that brought me here recommend me to tried their specialty, which is Butter Chicken. To be honest, I'm so satisfied even though I've got stomachache on that day.

On that Butter Chicken, they put curry leaves and few small cut of chillies with thick sauce. And to be eaten with rice, will just fulfil your hunger in just a nano seconds (exaggeration ALERT!)  

On the other day, I went with my friends.
I'm so nervous because it's kind of subjective to be talking about taste of food.
So there, along the way, I've asked and they say, 'it's good!'

After ate main course, we are up for deserts!
Since the only deserts that available was Meringue Sundae, we just order it.

Again, it melting in my mouth with that cream, ice cream, strawberries, chocolates and that meringue! It's not that sweet, it's just fine. 

We finished it within 1 minutes which was like 'ah I would like to order it again!'
But naah, we too broke to purchase another one, maybe next time!

I love banana! 
Well who doesn't its fit mostly on everything (milo, ice cream, milkshake, etc.)
and it's good for you too (but just don't over-eaten it).

So yeah, 'Free Banana, Please take one!' while stock last :)

If you are eager to taste their butter chicken and meringue sundae 
with a great environment, head down to:

36, Jalan Selasih K U12/K, Seksyen U12
Taman Cahaya Alam, 40170 Shah Alam, Malaysia

Tuesday - Sunday
12.00 pm - 11.00 pm

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