Wednesday, May 27, 2015

When I Almost Give Up, I Do This 6 Things

1. Don't go to class 

Basically, this is the most "not advisable" to do, but if you feel like it's a burden, don't go and try to meditate with yourself on that free time. 

Just... make sure you count how many days you have already absent, or else you are in big trouble.

2. Mingle around 
Talking or communicate, for me is the best medicine to let go that negative thought.

3. Get high 
Not in the sense of smoking weed. Yeah, you are welcome "to be loud" but please don't be that annoying bitch.

4. Shower
Get a good shower. Wash you hair, shave your other part of "hair", singing as loud as you can. Make sure you come out with a fresh mood.

5. Cry
Cry, don't hold it back. Thus, after that you can get a good sleep from using that lots of energy to cry.

6. Talk to parents
I admit that I'm a family person, so this is the way to regain myself back from giving up. 

Actually, this are the things that I have done today. 
So far it was legit for me to calm myself up.
But everyone have their own way to solve things.
My advice is, do what you want to do, as long you can stand back up and focus as the way it is.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tough Days

I'm lost, like every time I woke up it's not like in my Diploma years.
I can convince you that it was totally different,
this is a new level of hell (seems exaggerate but that's how I imagine)

Degree surely blew my mind,
It doesn't seem to go in what I want this time.
It's the opposite of what I really thought.

I'm here to learn,
to learn skills but all I get is learning to prepare the work place environment.

Oh God! why is it sound so childish?
It's not, my mind totally depends on learning skills,
this is need to be learn.

Writing factual and feature it's a two different type of worlds.
Factual is not my forte but I'm more to feature,
Having a 'I just love to write' feelings does not assure you to satisfied the lecturer.
I must have a skills which I'm trying to perfect it myself.

I admit that I'm having a tough days to try to fit in, adjust time and workload that are more than my Diploma years,
But It's not like I'm admit to raise my 'white flag',
For you, dear 'my beloved' education,
I'm going to succeed soon.

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