Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yourself, Words and Surrounding

This past few days I've been going through a day without a spirit,
A body without energy, a brain without any information.

I doesn't expect anything will be harsh and repeated again,
But still I try to figure out how to make everyone satisfied but clearly
we can't satisfied all human being in this universe.

It is important to give satisfication to yourself first before anyone else,
Find friends who you are truly belief and trust,
Don't break trust, because trust is really hard to gain.

Be yourself, this might be a horrible advice,
but better be yourself, know your limit,
know your boundaries.

And BELIEVE that you have a advantages in yourself.

Be profesional. Be firm. Be YOU!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

I give you tolerate, you gave me a fake. I try to do positive things, you say I'm too fast. You've done wrong, but I have to start first. Who is tolerate more now?

I'm not ego, I wasn't talk lie, I don't want any attention, I don't want fake face, I just want people to keep the secret. Isn't a problem to show my emotion? 

Let's talk about professional, I wasn't being one sometimes, but I'm human, my trust only for true one. I can try to answer, I can tolerate, but it seems like we are not getting along, I'll move on and choose the right path.

How great sending information and doesn't admit it. I don't want to apologize anymore, because it seems I have my limit. I don't want to sell my pride just because I feel guilty.

          I've already admit it although is not all. What more can you ask?

          Working with people is much more stress.

          Yes, now I know this is a stage of life. I don't want to be an actor anymore.

Lili, please be strong. 

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