Friday, June 15, 2012

June #1

Assalammualaikum dunia!
So yes, I've already in UiTM for an awesome new semester.
This semester Insyaallah I will try my very best to get another Dean List.

Well, first day in class was excellent since the lecturer didn't came,
and we are just talking and telling to each other about our vacation or something else.
It was fun to met my classmates because there were some changes in each of us.

New hairstyle, new attitude, everything is new and I definitely saw determination in each of us.
I was just gonna pray for the best and hoping they will achieve their goal especially in this semester.
As for me, I hope my goal, determination are not getting lesser than last semester.

I have to be punctual to a deadline, creative in doing an assignment and clever in choosing a partner.
Honestly, I think Universities life are getting tougher than before.

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