Monday, April 30, 2012

Petrosains is a place where I work since December 2010,
and finally I get an event to work on, so Yahoo!

Since this is my first time in joining an event in Petrosains,
I found it very fun to worked with a person that I didn't know,
and learn a few things about science,

Here I present you Camp In Kid Explorer Night Sk Taman Kosas.
On 27th -28th April 2012

I have been on training since Tuesday until Thursday, 
Cut the Monday because I didn't come due to misunderstanding.
But what I can describe is, it was fun, tiring, thrilling and awesome training.

The day had come,
I arrived early because I get excited and happy about my result, Alhamdulillah.
Since its on Friday, the centre is quite because all of Muslim boys went for Solat Jumaat.

The school group arrived on 6 pm,
we are quite short on time so we are rushing from
Luggage -> ice breaking -> Maghrib & Eating -> Opening Ceremony -> LN -> Smokey Ice -> Film Canister -> Isya' & Eating -> Sleeping.

Shuffling mode for tonight!
Campfire to brought up camping vibe!

This kiddo love to take picture :)
Before Dancing
Day after tomorrow, facilitator have to wake up on 5 am,
it was hard to wake up early in the morning since we get tired from yesterday.
But for the kids, anything will do :)

After brushing the teeth, Solat Subuh, we do some exercise!

KLCC before 7 am. Cool liddat!
Since they already charging up for that morning. 
We went back to Petrosains to do -> tour around Petrosains -> Closing Ceremony.

I do learn something along this events, and I appreciated VMU for choosing me to be one of the facilitator.
Anyway, I'm looking forward on the next event. :)

Monday, April 23, 2012



Assalammualaikum dan hello superhuman!

Tajuk di atas merupakan sifat aku yang aku dapat lihat kebelakangan ini.
Merungut bagi aku boleh di samakan dengan tidak bersyukur dengan nikmat Allah.
Jadi, alangkah baiknya kalau aku ada sifat peribadi yang murni.

Manusia ni selalu buat kesilapan tapi ini hanya alasan, 
Kesilapan tidak akan diulangi jika kita sudah faham dan ada sifat ingin berubah.

Antara rungutan yang aku selalu buat adalah:

1. Aku dah dapat lesen, tapi tak boleh bawa kereta. Ishh, tension la.
2. Berat dah naik, macammana ni? Nak ajak kawan berjoging tak ada pula. Tak best la kalau macam ni.

 Bila aku dah selalu merungut fasal benda yang sama.
Aku sedar tak ada apa-apa pun yang berlaku bila aku merungut.
Tak ada pula aku boleh bawa kereta lagi, tak pula berat badan aku turun.

Apakah yang boleh kita lakukan untuk berhenti merungut?

Usaha takkan mula dengan diri anda dan sokongan padu daripada orang lain.
Ingatlah, kita perlukan orang untuk sokong kita dan begitu juga dengan orang lain.
Tapi ia bermula daripada diri kita sendiri.

"Orang yang rajin, akan capai impian yang ingin mereka kecapi"

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

7 Benefit of Insanity Workout, Shaun T Programme

7 Benefits of Insanity Workout

‘Fitness is not a luxury, it is a necessity’ quotes that deliver big impact of message about our fitness daily. Working out is not our main priority. We are tend to working 24 hours, eating a luxury meals and drinking plus smoking without thinking to change a bit about our healthy routines. 

Shaun T ‘Insanity Workout’ can change your whole life, with a bit of mentally ready to keep our own body fit. Who doesn’t want to end with a healthy and hottest body in our life? Getting used to this program, it takes times because it's max interval training. It means where you get a short period time of rest and do a long verse of intense exercise.

The commitment that you are making will get you a satisfaction and benefits from it. 

First, we always start from the bottom when we are doing something new. Like Insanity Workout, they provide you a fit test. Fit test is to see how your body condition right now. Are you or aren’t your body fit? But it’s not important that you’re fit or not, you can still doing this program. Like Shaun T says ‘this program is not for people who are lazy and find excuses’. Therefore, if you want to make changes, this is your first benefits, to see what you made out from.

Secondly, obesity is a highly complication among us. Just having obesity you can get a million of disease like heart attack. That’s why we need prevention rather than a curing. Shaun T program make you to burn fat with intervals of intense lower-body plyo and sweat-inducing cardio.

Thirdly, if you saying that you are fit enough try Insanity Workout and you can see the real fitness in your body. Getting fit in 60 days is insane but that’s how the program works out, push us towards the limit because the easy way is not going to give you any results. 60 days to get your body that you are dreaming of, start to get fit and that’s the only way that gave you the benefits.

Furthermore, it doesn’t take a much of our time. 30 minute to 1 hour is enough for those who are having a busy lifestyle. Walking and taking a stairs as your exercise is a good effort but it gave you only little stamina daily. Why not make a huge changes by taking a half an hour to get body fit.

‘This program of 60 days full body transformation’ said Shaun T. If you’re hearing 60 days of getting fit, do you still whining or take it as a challenge? If I’m myself, I will take it positively and get started with the challenge. Insanity Workout challenge yourself to your limit physically and mentally. You will not be crazy if you’re beyond your limit, but you will be surprised by your achievement. Well, as Shaun T favourite quote is ‘Dig deep’ to end up with the hottest body.

Studying to get a high score is one of the commitments that we targeted for when we are student. Same to this program, it teaches you to be more commitment on taking care of your own body. Live longer healthily must be on our top list to be taking care of.  To gaining the commitments, it start by purchasing the program itself.

Last but not least, Felicia H. is one of the challengers that have completed 60 days of Insanity Workout successfully. According to  her ‘In 60 days, I lost 37 pounds, 17 inches, and 3 dress sizes. I have a waist, I have curves, I have arms and legs . . . I have a body’. This statement tell us that how happy she was with the result of theachievement and the affectiveness of the product.

Do things that will make ourself happy is actually important so we can live longer. Insanity Workout is not insane yet if you’re willing, commitment, pyshically and mentally ready to get into it. Well, is not for a person who are lazy and find excuses. The question is are you one of them? If not, start your engine to end up with tons of benefit.



Assalammualaikum dan Hello Superhuman!

Kalau aku diberi peluang untuk kembali ke masa lampau,
aku akan menolak semahu-mahunya
kerana dari situla kita mampu belajar sesuatu.

Usah aku cerita lama yang agak kolot buat masa sekarang.
Apa yang kita lakukan dahulu boleh dimaafkan jika kita belajar untuk memaafi dan menginsafinya.
Kalau perkara sebegitu susah utnuk dilakukan maka tiada transformasi yang akan membawa impak besar ke dalam diri sendiri.

Inilah transformasi yang aku kecapi setakat ini,
walaupun hanya untuk dirasai sementara,
tapi cukup sudah bagiku untuk merasai kemanisannya.

Kita lihat daripada perkspektif yang kita senang lihat iaitu negara kita Malaysia
Walaupun permainan politik yang negatif lebih banyak daripada positifnya,
sekurang-kurangnya kerajaan memberi kita kesenangan dan masyarakat majmuk yang mampu bersatu-padu ini. Perkara sebegini agak sukar untuk dilakukan tetapi jika kita terbuka kepada perubahan, apa-apa pun mustahil.

Yang kita perlu lakukan sekarang adalah memantapkan tranformasi yang sedia-ada,
'Kurangkan kontroversi, perbanyakkan perkara yang penting, hindari kejahatan, kecapi impian dan saling bantu-membantu antara satu sama lain'
Agak sukar untuk dilakukan? itu saya akui, tapi tiada yang lebih mustahil daripada melakukan perbaikan yang positif.

Monday, April 02, 2012

DIY Week

Assalammualaikum and Hello Superhuman.

Since 2 months is a long way to go.
I decided to do some DIY and honestly it's a fun things to do.

Here is some of my DIY in these few days.

The first try outs DIY is turn a long sleeve shirt into a cardigan.
For a tutorial, scroll down please :)

In this video, they use a machine but in my case I use my hand to sew because 
I didn't have that sewing machine. Too bad.

For a second DIY, I use leftover altered jeans.
Just a bit of this and that, it turn out become a useful coin small bag.

Last but not least, Tshirt into a fringe shirt.
So, I pick out a baggy shirt and turn into this awesome piece.
And it match with my DIY cardigan.
How Awesome Is That?

Here is the tutorial, no need of sewing just a scissor and a few of measurement.

Basically, I want to show something that an old item can be a new and an awesome for you to wear.
So, let's Reuse, Reduce and Recycle!

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