Well, it has been a while don't you think? Without further delay, enjoy reading! :)


        Facebook is an eagle-eye, it takes about a minute, to capture about 1 million people around the world just to sign up. The mastermind behind this successful social network is Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates, and fellow computer students.

        Do you think Facebook is the positive thing that ever happened to us? Well, let’s investigate. 

To keep the call rolling, Facebook is such a useful social network to us. We can contact our relatives and friends by chatting on the Facebook wall or by chat box. Furthermore, Facebook also rises up our communicating skills. Although it’s just a social network site, it brushes up our communicating skill in writing and also our use of language. 

         Have you ever heard a phrase ‘thinking out of the box’? Sure you do. What I mean is you can do something useful in Facebook. It’s not just included ‘sign in’ and ‘sign out’ place. What you can do is advertise in Facebook about your business.  For an artist, it keeps in touch with fans but most importantly, you can get to know a person outside your country.

         In contrast of pros are cons. The negative things about Facebook are, it can be so addictive. Most of the teenagers spend a lot of their time on Facebook rather than studying. Moreover, it can cause a cyber bullying. In 14 January 2010, a 15 years old, name Phoebe Prince died. Although the bullying doesn’t start with the social network but it start to spread onto her Facebook wall.

          In addition, is about our own safety. 

Yes, Facebook does give you a choice either to stay private or public but don’t get to comfy. There are a lot of genius out there can hack your profile and get all your information like where did you stay, working and your favourite hang-out places. So, don’t sell out all of your information to social networking, it might harm you.

          Technologies are an important thing in this 20th century. From huge computer with keyboard, now becoming a touch screen LCD, we become more developed. Yes, we are developed but how it takes to protect our luxurious technologies?  We do have a choice and now it depends on our upcoming generation to handle the situation.