Sunday, February 27, 2011

Damn that Motorcycle

'Jeng Jeng Jeng'. The Beethoven's 5th Symphony mingle around my head. 
That is the song of the day when I learned how to stand up the motorcycle by the double stand not the side stand.

If you know me, I'm quite small, petite girl you may say (yes I'm a girl). Can you imagine how am I going to stand up that heavy motorcycle?
In my head, I was telling myself. 

I'm not going to make it but in other hand, I also think 'I can do it' . 
So, I was like 50-50. Then I tried, I can't count how much I tried but I only succeed 4-5 times only.

Fewyh, now I know this is not easy but practice do makes perfect. The conclusion is, I will pratice a lot and don't want to compare me and others.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Dream ...

Well, well, well. What a day-what a day. (erh, why I keep repeating the words? aa.. never mind)
back to the serious face - _ - this morning, I wake up kind of early because of this dream.
It's not a bad dream, pervert dream, but a NIGHTMARE! (screw you!)

The story begin:
Once upon a time, I see a tall man on the tree at the back of my house and a normal human being just like us, wearing a clown mask or helmet ( I can't get the right vision ). When I look at that normal guy, he doesn't react anything but ...

When I look at the tall man, he and the normal guy begin to react. The normal guy take out some weapon like a chopper something sharp try to cracked out my kitchen window and it seems like they are trying to kidnapped me.

Then, before they succeeded  to cracked out the window. I awake from my sleep and hoping that the dream will never continue.

Pretty weird and scared huh?!

WAIT!! speaking about nightmare. I miss this movie! :)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm being sarcastic, don't you think?

First of all, I want to tell you that
 'this post are not suitable for who got their heartbroken and sensitive easily.'

Yesterday, I felt really moody, gloomy and the best part is I don't know why I felt like that. I didn't say good night to him, I even did not pick up his call  about 5 times yesterday, and didn't reply his last message that say
'I Love You'. (because I already fall asleep)

So, this morning I wake up and kind of have balance emotion and when I read back his message that were given to me. I feel really-really guilty for making him being emotional involve as well. At the same time, I already got the answer why am I felt all gloomy and moody.

First, maybe I just want to know either my heart is true or not to you.
Second, I kind of feel really sad when you're so focus watching that drama and doesn't care about me.
( this is almost the same story like the guy that buy a PS3, don't you think? )
Third, maybe it was a ladies problem that make me being sarcastic emotional like this - _ -

Last but not least, I learn my lesson. Insha-Allah I won't being this emotional again because when it's involving you, it felt really hurt. I hope we're going to be fine no matter what . : ) 


My Day

The title, to cliché isn't?
but anyway, I still want to talk about my day.
I've a grown up conversation since my working environment 
for today is surrounding by the adults.

I'm quite relieve because I had that conversation
and their advice about life.
I mean all aspects in life like working, studying, and of course married life.

they are very supportive and bring the positive vibe
inside of me.  
I just hope that I will achieve my goal
with passion and spirit.
Insha-Allah :)


Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm poetic person? Maybe not

As I can remember, it was really a long time since I write a poem.
So erm, this is kind of from bottom of my heart and enjoy! :)

When I first look at you,
I felt something about you,
that caught my attention,
and drown me into the ocean,

Then, you like a sunrise,
that come inside me
lighten up my emotion,
and letting go of my fears,

You are my guardian,
that protect me from the darkness,
you are the one,
that shine me with your light,

You make me smile and laugh,
when I'm right beside you,
I do feel comfortable,
although I didn't express it,

I pray to god that
please meet me with somebody
who understand me,
and I've found the one,
it was you 

I'm Lucky?

What is Lucky? What is your understanding about lucky? For me, lucky is something good happen/come to us, but not just a good thing, bad thing also is count as lucky. For that words I'm here to say, I'm feel very lucky today. Thank god, my prayers I've got a really great guy to understand me, listen to my sad and happy story.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Article, truth or not?

this is my first time writing an article (masa exam dekat sekolah dulu dh penah buat  pun :p), but you guys must think. What on earth I wrote an article about Insurance? this is because my brother give me a test to rewrite 'How Insurance Works' . So here's the final work! Enjoy :)

In modern life that we living in right now causes us lot of question mark on what will happen next. For example, who knows we will get into an accident, be caught on fire or maybe our family members died causes by a strangely disorder.

So, if one of the incidents happened to us, do we get any substitute to cover up the damage? Yes, you will be cover up by an Insurance that you sign up for.

Insurance literally mean a conscionable transfer of loss from one person to another in exchange for payment. An insurer is a company selling the insurance, an insured, or policyholder, is the person or entity buying the insurance policy.

The insurance rate is a factor used to determine the amount to be charged for a certain amount of insurance coverage, called the premium. Let us understand more about insurance based on example.

Let’s say if you have a car accident, you insure two cars at a premium of $300 each and the insurer's base rate is $400. After an accident, you may get a surcharge of $80 (20 percent of $400) on both, so your total surcharge would be $160 an increase of about 27 percent on the policy.

In any meaning, this is the purpose of insurance. Basically, no one in this world can tell what will happen next. So, an insurance company is actually helping soothen up an individual burden. Furthermore, the more amount of money the members contributes, the higher the amount that his/her family will get in case if his death or accident based on the type of insurance that we choose.
Have a nice day yo! XXDORKXX

I'm going to be _______

Does the picture explain everything about the title?
If not let me,  I'm going to be hysterically tired for tomorrow.
8.30 am - 5.30 pm (Brand Matters Programme)
7.00 pm - 10.00 pm (Tuition)

but before I gave up, I will start the day with a positive mind
and lot's of energy.
I really need them for tomorrow! OH PLEASE GOD!


Friday, February 11, 2011


Salam and good morning. Sudah lama jugak la aku tak post eit? Okay, back to the title ...
Semua orang ada cita-cita kan? Semua orang mesti sedang menyusun perjalanan masing-masing ya?
aku pun mempunyai cita-cita, aku harap aku akan dapat masuk Universiti dan lulus dengan cemerlang dalam apa yang aku lakukan, dan berharap aku akan menjadi insan yang mulia dan dirahmati Allah (Amin).
Tapi aku mesti berusaha dengan kuat sebab aku tak nak jadi macam pepatah nie
 'Actions Speak Louder Than Words'. (tidak berbaloi). Dan aku mengharapkan korang semua juga mencapai kejayaan yang diidam-idamkan. (nak khawin ke, belajar ke, main bola ke dll...) :)

post kali ini akan diakhiri dengan IniAnwarHadi. enjoy! :)


Monday, February 07, 2011

Love story mari!

I met him at work, at first we weren't commented on one another but then, before we know we actually talking to one another. I started to felt comfortable, and then when I saw you it's like you are really important to me. Furthermore, I can be myself around you, being crazy, sad and happy. He is 21 and I am 18, his birthday is on 20/11/90 and I am on 14/10/93. I start to stalk him at work, looking forward to him but there is no reaction but then you are making your move and asking for my number. We text after you had finish your works, before you go watched a movies with your friends, you search for me to say goodbye. I was smile alone after you did that. After a quick messaging , making a joke to one another, you made your move. On 5/2/11, you ask me 'be my gilfriend?' I say 'yes', you were like 'for real?', and then I say 'If you are, then I am'. We are officially a couple! I hope this relationship will be fulfill with honesty, happiness, and blessed.


Sunday, February 06, 2011

I can't hide any longer.

You’re not rushing, you’re not desperate because I’m just waiting until you ask me will you be mine? and then I will say I DO.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Sweet Couple

That's a sweet picture aite?!
Alright, today I'm going to switch my language,
mari BAHASA MALAYSIA, semangat berkobar-kobar nak ckp dalam Bahasa Malaysia ni,
Okay, sweet couple?!
aku suka tengok sweet couple, tapi aku tak suka yg menggedik-gedik 
(tapi nak buat macamna, hidup dieorg suka hati la)

Aku tengok la semua kawan aku ade pasangan hidup yang loving,
aku je yang keseorangan -_-
ape tak nye aku tak jumpe 'the one' lagi! 
dan..dan..dan.. aku bukannya lawa pun. 
kukuku :D

tapi aku berdoa, harap2x dapat la aku menikmati hidup ni
dengan meluangkan masa aku dengan orang yang aku sayangi :)

Doa-doakan saya ye :)



Rusuhan dan darurat di Mesir adalah berpunca daripada revolusi rakyat menentang kerajaan pimpinan Hosni Mubarak. Revolusi ini diinspirasikan daripada revolusi tunisia baru-baru ini dan dijangka banyak negara timur tengah akan turut menurut jejak langkah rakyat Tunisia dan Mesir untuk ber-demo. Hosni Mubarak ialah diktator yang memerintah Mesir selama 30 tahun, dan mungkin anda tidak tahu Hosni Mubarak adalah pemerintah kejam, perampas harta rakyat dan juga sekutu US dan juga menyokong Israel.
1. Huru-hara dan rusuhan di hampir semua tempat di Mesir
Rusuhan berlaku merata-rata tempat, orang awam bertempur dengan polis dan tentera…ramai terkorban, ramai cedera parah. Orang yang tak bersalah pun boleh jadi mangsa tanpa sedar.
2. Internet, Komunikasi Telefon Bimbit disekat
Dah beberapa hari sejak kerajaan Mesir menyekat Internet dan komunikasi telefon bimbit serta servis blackberry. Menyukarkan orang ramai untuk berhubung.
Ramai ibu bapa di Malaysia risau keadaan anak mereka di Mesir yang gagal dihubungi dan tidak tahu keadaan terkini isu di sana.
3. 5000 banduan terlepas dari penjara
Antara kes “prison break” terbesar setakat ini…5000 banduan telah terlepas dari penjara. 5000 tu jumlah yang sangat ramai, dan agak-agak apa banduan yang dah lama kena penjara akan buat bila dah terlepas? Dengar2 banduan pula spesies ganas2 yang terlepas.
Tak mungkin mereka insaf…yang pasti keganasan meningkat dan ramai menghadapi ancaman teruk.
4. Pelajar Malaysia dirogol, dirompak
Dengar berita ada pelajar Malaysia di Mesir yang telah menjadi mangsa rogol dan rompak. Rumah yang didiami mereka dicerobohi dan mereka tinggal dalam ketakutan.
Ini bukan perkara main-main kerana melibatkan maruah dan nyawa rakyat kita sendiri. Minta pihak kerajaan Malaysia memandang serius perkara ini, sebab kalau ikutkan coverage di akhbar dan tv sekarang memang langsung tak dipandang serius.
Maklumat Lanjut: dan
5. Darurat, krisis tempat tinggal dan makanan
Tahu tak apa masalah besar bila darurat berlaku? Ramai akan menghadapi masalah tempat tinggal sebab macam dinyatakan di atas, kena ceroboh, kena bakar dll. Nak makan pun susah, kedai mana yang berani buka time kecoh-kecoh macam nie.
Lagi parah bila ada kemalangan, luka-luka dan terkena penyakit. Silap-silap dari sakit ringan-ringan boleh maut sebab tak dapat rawatan sebetulnya.
6. Airport, Balai Polis, Kereta diserang, dibakar
Lapangan terbang diceroboh dan di serang, dan segala urusan penerbangan banyak yang terpaksa di batalkan atas sebab keselamatan. Yang selamat hanya mereka yang ada pesawat peribadi.
Balai-balai polis dan kereta serta kenderaan di jalanraya banyak yang dibakar oleh perusuh. Terdapat juga insiden pihak tentera melanggar perusuh dengan kereta.
7. Bloggers seluruh Malaysia, take note!
Sebarkan maklumat berikut; dan minta kerajaan Malaysia memberi priority sebaik mungkin untuk isu ini.
Kita memohon supaya kerajaan Malaysia memandang serius hal ini. Bukan sahaja di Mansoura, malah di seluruh Mesir keselamatan rakyat kita terancam.
Segala update berkenaan keadaan di sana boleh dibaca melalui blog Krisis Mesir, Nasib Pelajar Kita
Jika ada cadangan di luar sana untuk membantu kami mendapatkan perhatian kerajaan Malaysia, sila hubungi
Nurul Nadia Binti Md Zin di 017-3193923
Atau melalui:
Facebook: Nuvul Nadiva Dizavch
Twitter: DyyaDizarch
Blog: Nadia-ism
Please let all Malaysians know about this. I will do the same but I need your help too especially to all the bloggers out there. May Allah save our citizens there.
- Nadia
8. Sebar-sebarkan berita mengenai ini
Mintak tolong sebar berita ini di facebook, twitter, yahoo messenger, email dll. Nak copy paste tak bagi kredit pun tak kisah kali ini, yang penting kita nak maklumat ini tersebar.
Laporan Asal: [JOMPHP]
Photos Courtesy : BOSTON BIG PICTURE

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