Sunday, January 30, 2011

My heart screaming?!

Does my heart screaming in English Vocabulary exist?
Omg! I can't barely say a words when I met
 Fatimah Mohamed Amin

Aishah Amin : The Hijab Diaries,

Maryam Mohamed Amin,
(Sorry If I spell your name incorrectly)

They are so beautiful, nice and friendly, seriously
I never though of chatting with them without being so shy.
Yes, DORK is a shy person (it's the truth)
but sadly, I came when they are already packing up.
(Sorry if I disturbed you ladies :/)

I've got quite a long conversation with our ms. Aishah Amin.
(and sorry if I talk to loud and doesn't hear your words until the end,
because I was just to excited and nervous at the same time :D )
We talk a little bit about Bazaar, Fashion, and University as well.

And erm as a conclusion I'm very glad that I've come although I was sort of 
a last person to come and not buying anything :/
but I hope I can meet you lovely ladies again in the future.

BTW. tq for your goodies, never expected. :D

 Have a nice day :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011


This post is not suitable for heart-attack, depressed, and resentful person.
27/1/2011 (Thursday)
It's a beautiful day to start by going out with some friends, watching movies, window shopping and having a GILA-GILA time! but not every time the sunshine always come to protect us from the rain. So I hereby to end my speech by listing out my lesson of the day:
1. Power of Facebook : when you post your status, everyone can read,know and comment if they want to. That can brings catastrophic. Get it? 
2. Never trust a stranger, this could be disaster. 
3. Get to know a person deep down inside and then you can trust them. 
4. When you are still teenager, that crush feeling is normal but try to control them. 
5. You must make a very wise decision. 
6. Do not forget your decent. 
7. Do not ever include your personnel life into working life, IF YOU DO IT WILL BE DISASTER! totally! 
8. Just be yourself, it is one of useful thing that at least you can do.

Till then,XXDORKXX

A Nonsense Story?!

Hey there, can u see the title up there?
I'm sure you can, basically this is not a long post,
I just want to post a video of my own song
entitle 'A Nonsense Story'

Here's the lyrics for sing along!

A Nonsense Story:
All of this is just a dream / That I want it to be / And I want it so much / Till I'm shivering You like her so much / Well i'm nothing for you Oh, I cannot stopping you / From falling love to her (to her)

I wish we had a good time together / Till I fall in love with you / Till I fall in love with you

Oh I can't deny My heart will beat fast When I saw you / In front of me /
I just screams out loud (Loud loud) / Till I fallin down / Till I fallin down

We meet when I look terrible In front of you / Oh it's so embarrassing And you know that It's true / And then we meet again and again / I was so thrill / Till I always stare at you / Like nothing around me


2011 dorkdiary Copyright! :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


 I used to write a short stories almost every month last year,
to increase my writing in English. So here is it, BLACKOUT :

“You can buy these cheap cosmetics at any store......," the TV sounds.
She’s still watching and hoping that she can watch the story about cosmetics until the end. But....................

"Boosh," sounds one of the light at the living room, something seems to be smashed.
"Sis, what’s happening here,” said Alice, my younger sister.
"Nothing, it’s just a blackout. Lighting and thunderstorm," I replied
"Oh, great, now I can't sleep," Alice say with a sigh.

But still, it’s really dark, 
I don't think at that time it couldn’t be 6.00 o'clock but it is.
Dark, like it's already midnight.
It’s spooky but I've got to be brave for this, because there's only me and my younger sister.

"Damn, it's hot here," Alice complained.
"Haiya, can’t you stop complaining, it only going to be for a while only," I replied
But, there's a loud noise which followed with a flash of lightning.
"Now, I'm afraid," says Alice, scared.
"Relax, I'm here, let's get some matches and light those candles,” says me.

While Alice put on some lights, I was still searching for the torchlight,
but then my phone rang, i didn't take it because of the lightning,
I don't want to be a victim, it was just a  precaution.
Stay away from the cell phone,
but  Alice  and me was still in danger  because my house was full of electronic equipments.
Everything, PS2, PS3, X-BOX and my lovely equipment, my home studio with all the keyboards.

"Hah.., I can't let all of them ruined, It took 2 years to buy the complete equipment," sigh me.
"Sis, already done! I’ve already lit 10 candles," Alice said
I was so shocked, because of the 10 candles. You know how dangerous it will be,
"10 candles? You’ve got to be kidding? ," I shouted while I took a step to go to the living room.
Then, my face went   really red... "GOTCHA!, am I  an idiot to put on the lights of 10 candles?," Alice pranked me.

She laughed loudly... but laughing just for a while.
Then she said” Do you hear that voice?," asked Alice
"OK, now you going to play PRANK again yeah?," says me loudly.
"No, I'm not lying, come follow me," Alice said.

Step by step I followed Alice, I felt very cold.
"HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP!," Alice started screaming.
I ran, and I was so scared because i thought i was behind her.
"WHERE ARE YOU?," ask me shouting,  so Alice can hear me.
But seriously no sound, 
from this moment on, I freaked.
The lighting was still coming, luckily i kept my cell phone and pen knife in my pocket

I searched for Alice from one room to another 
"where are you Alice!," I shouted, nervous.
"BOOM!," I heard a sniper shot.
I look down, but there's was no one to be seen.
I opened my eyes widely, it's not a sniper shot but lighting

I still had time for a joke "How stupid I am," says me.
I kept searching, I almost gave up, but not about my younger sister,
I want her now, she is  the only one that I've got right now,
Yes , I've a family but our mom and dad always fly,  for business
We always stick together.
Then I opened the door slowly "AHHHHHHHH! ," I screamed.

I saw Alice body and head laying down,
the legs, hand and others parts of the body, gone!
I'm freaking out right now, 
bravely I started to run and get out from the house.

"Oh my god!," I'm shivering  and the cell phone that in my pocket vibrated.
I ran, with a thunderstorm and lightning still heavy
I've no idea what I'm going to do,

I tried calling, but the phone answered
"Your service is not available," 

then I heard a sound of a car,
"Vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom," the car warming up.
It’s like the car getting ready to hit me.
I look at the back, but no car was there,
I closed my ears, eyes and shouted "LEAVE ME ALONE!"
When I opened  my eyes,  i felt somebody stabbing me,
I touched my body between my hips and my navel

I felt blood starting to flow profusely
I looked at the back but there was only one person that i know,
She laughed in front of me with a crazy look on her face.
"How could you," says me while pressing the blood from flowing.
"Yes, I could," say Alice.
"But why?," ask me.
"Ask mom and dad, although they always go there and there for business but 
they still want to talk to you rather than me," said Alice.
"But......," before I could finish my words I fainted.

I open my eyes and
I'm in a bed full of hospital equipment,
I do not know it was a dream or reality,
"Hey sister," Alice smiling still hold the knife full of blood.

Till then :) XXDORKXX

Monday, January 24, 2011

Why do I call myself DORK?

Why do you think is that? am I like on the picture below? quirky, silly or stupidNOT!  
I JUST LOVE THE NAME! there is no specific reason. It just simple as dimple.
Thus, I love that some of my friends asking me what is the meaning of DORK itself.
I just love the attention although it just for a while. :D

and here is it I have my own cartoon,
From original to the one who wear spectacles,
so it give me some DORK feeling inside it :)

Original ------> Edited

This is all Adobe Photoshop effects, As I remember It take me about half and hour to made this.
I kind of proud of myself because doodling is not my forte.

I think that's all for now, Have a nice day!

Bonjour, Annyeonghaseyo, Welcome and Selamat Datang.

Can you see the title up there? Do you think I can speak French, Korean, English and Bahasa Malaysia.

Well, of course FRENCH and KOREAN is a big NO! but Insha-Allah I will learn those language and master it. HAHA.

Okay, that's kind of weird Introduction. Alright, how can I introduce myself without revealing who I am? herm..

Here we go, my name is _______, I live in Malaysia, I'm muslim and I proud to wear hijab neatly. I'm not that bad, I'm not that good, sometimes I'm annoying sometimes I'm not (That mean I have unbalanced emotion)

Furthermore, on 2011 I'm 17 and 9 month years old because my birthday is on 14 October 1993. While waiting for my SPM result, I work as a Volunteer at Petrosains and clerk/teacher in the tuition centre. (I'm a workaholic) Thus, I'm a girl so manually, I love fashion. My fashion inspiration is AISHAH AMIN! (Love her!) and I think that's all for an introduction because I think this is way to much.
Thank you for your visit, come again :) 


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