January 27, 2011

A Nonsense Story?!

Hey there, can u see the title up there?
I'm sure you can, basically this is not a long post,
I just want to post a video of my own song
entitle 'A Nonsense Story'

Here's the lyrics for sing along!

A Nonsense Story:
All of this is just a dream / That I want it to be / And I want it so much / Till I'm shivering / You like her so much / Well i'm nothing for you Oh, i can't stop you / From falling love to her
(to her)

I wish we had a good time together / Till i fall in love with you / Till i fall in love with you,
(repeat 2x)

Oh i can't deny,
my heart will beat fast,
when i saw you,
in front of me,
i just screams out loud,
(Loud loud)
Till i fallin down,
till i fallin down
We meet when i look terrible 
in front of you
oh it's so embarrassing,
and you know that it's true,
and then we meet again and again,
i was so thrill,
till i always stare at you,
like nothing around me,
(chorus) repeat 2x.
2011 dorkdiary Copyright! :)
Enjoy! :) XXDORKXX

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