Monday, September 25, 2017

My First Impression on Elisha Gluta Vita C Plus Collagen

This past few days, something hit in my mind like 'When I should start taking a collagen supplement?' and I found out that I can start taking supplement in my 20s. Therefore, I decided to start this journey with Elisha Gluta Vita C Plus Collagen.

Pinkish packaging for  Elisha Gluta Vita C Plus Collagen
Before I purchased this supplement, I did some research because it involve consuming. I found out that Elisha Gluta Vita C Plus Collagen (ERC) is a product approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM) and also Halal! That's the most important part of all. 

When I get saw their KKM number on the packaging, I  double check the KKM number given: MAL2017269NC on this site here. Feeling safe? Now let's move on the ingredients information shall we?

There are 35 Chewable Tablet x 1,000MG
ERC contained 11 powerful ingredients such as Glutathione, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Mirifaca, Tilapia fish protein, Acai Berry and Roselle. From all this ingredients we knew that one of the function is for whitening. 

All the Vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K is known as ascorbic acid that will makes the skin lighter, smoother and healthier. I was surprised about collagen function which one of them helps decrease pore size. Well, as you all might know I have a large pore size and intend to make it smaller. Who knows this might help to achieved my dream. 

There are tons of benefits of ERC and it would be best if you make a research on each of the ingredients. Let me tell you something, the best part is that both men and women can consume ERC upon puberty

First impression on how it taste!


First impression is really important because that's when you know whether you will continue consuming it or not (the price for ERC is RM130.00 EM / RM140.00 WM).

I was a bit sceptical since ERC contained Tilapia fish protein which makes me imagine about the smell. Apparently, the fishy smell wasn't that overwhelm because the roselle seems to cover up the smell. 

The direction given said I can either chew or suck 1 - 6 tablets minimum. But, for starter I suggest you to try 1 - 2 tablets for a day (suggestion only). I tried eating both ways and personally I prefer the second way. 

Why? Because when I chew, I get to taste the fish rather than roselle. One thing I noticed that, it was actually taste a bit sour for me. I heard that some people said it taste sweet, but not for me. Texture wise, it was like a regular tablet (nothing unusual).

The best advice I can give you when you are consuming supplements is to drink plenty of water. Make sure to drink 3 - 4 litre of water per day to help with better assumption. Other than that, avoid drinks that contain caffeine. But, if you can't resist it allow 4 - 5 hours before taking ERC.

Before I end this post, I was thinking that is there another way to used supplements without eating it? Let me know in the comment below, because I was thinking of crush the pills and used it on as face scrub.

For more information about Elisha Gluta Vita C Plus Collagen, do contact Cik Zura Elisha (CEO, Founder, Owner & President at Elisha Malaysia) on:

Facebook: Elisha Malaysia(page) Cik Zura Elisha (personal)
Hotline Number: +6018 911 1272 / +6018 909 2826

Results may vary from person to person. Stop taking it if there are negative effects. Make sure to seek for doctor advice before consuming the supplements. 

Tablet details
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  1. As a Muslim myself, I could relate to the halal part well. I hope these supplements only give you the best results. Take care of yourself. A good review.


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