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Movie Review: Ghost In The Shell

Okay, let's forget about whitewashing and all of that. I advice you to go and watch this movie on cinema due to some reasons, and lets get start with it.

Ghost in the shell is based on the Japanese Manga, "The Ghost in the Shell". It's a story about a cyber-enhanced to be a perfect soldier to stopping the world's most dangerous criminals. To know more about this movie, watch this video below:

I was excited to watched this movie because of the graphics. It's beyond my expectation and I couldn't not believe that its possible to come out with such things. 

But, if this movie is our future, I couldn't agree with it because it looks like we depends on technology too much and there will be more buildings instead of trees, which I think it will have a big impact on us (human).

a. Storyline:
Well, don't get mad at me, I didn't read the manga but I know that this movie are adaptation from it. There are a hint from time to time in the movie that I can guess who is the bad guys. For me, there is no sense of surprised for it. 

Other than that, the intro was too long for me, it takes around 3 minutes to finished the intro, which was great in terms of graphics, but for some people, they might not like it. I was looking forward to more narrative for the intro.

Major (Scarlett Johansson) on one the scene
Sources: Rotten Tomatoes
b. Cast:
Back to the movie, although most of us doesn't agree with the cast, especially Scarlett Johansson act as Major. I'm okay with anything as long the based is not conflicted with the original version. 

Plus, we know that Scarlet Johansson are working hard to get into the character on this movie. So, we should appreciate the beauty of the movie itself.

See full cast of the movie here:

c. Visual Effects:
There is nothing bad about the visual. After Avatar this one is my second favourite in terms of visual. Its just stunning and to came out with a visual like that with a lot of imagination and CGI, I can see that there will be more movie like this in the future.

d. My Favourite Scene:
It will be a hard choice, because all of them is my favourite. My most favourite is again involve water. I don't know why I love the scene where she fight in the water. Its so fascinating to see her show up after being invisible on and off to fight with the bad guy.

My second favourite is, where she jumped off the building. It give me adrenaline rush and its a beautiful jump with an attitude, from my perspective.

Sources: Rotten Tomatoes
e. After Credits:
Don't stay after the movie ended, because there will be no after credit. Somehow that made me scared because I hope they will make a second Ghost In The Shell soon, and collaborate with more variety of people.

I think that's all for the review, I want to say that please go watch any movie that you like as long it makes you happy. Don't mind the issue, because its two different things (movie perspective and issue), so different.

P/S: As for all my movie review, I didn't give any rate because I'm afraid that will stop from enjoying this movie. Make sure watched it will a clear mind and make a personal review about them, because we have a different opinion, individually.

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  1. personally like this movie. the cinematography were awesome. just wish instead of 100% copy story from original ones, they can make it to different one.


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