Friday, October 30, 2015

Online News Story: Idearaya

Aqalili Azizan

Didgeridoo crafting workshops at Idearaya

SHAH ALAM - 'Idearaya', a festival of arts and culture towards community through workshops, screenings and exhibitions received a tremendous response recently.

Obtained almost 3,500 guests for both days of the festivals, it takes almost two months to gather only the concept of origin.

Director of the festival, Zikri Rahman, 25, said the programme were diversified into forums, pidato, cultures, exhibitions, workshops, screenings and 'Pasar Boco' books and crafts bazaar.

Director of the festival, Zikri Rahman, 25.

"All of the activities in Idearaya involving arts and culture because we position ourself as a cultural movement," he added.

Workshops from soap making, didgeridoo crafting, to tepuk-tepuk cajun. This indicates that knowledge should be spread widely and been offer for free.

Besides workshops, other activities that involved arts and culture such as photo exhibition and arts will be end with the Indieraya concert on Sunday evening.

Photo exhibitions.

Pusat Kajian dan Apresiasi Filem (PKAF), was one of the groups behind Idearaya, #AseanDalamFilem brought a different kind of short films around Southeast Asian.

"Entertaining is necessary, but we want to show that films are just not for entertainment, the content is also important," said curator #AseanDalamFilem, Muzzamer Rahman.

Desired to expand their smaller scales to larger scales, Idearaya in planned to be held annually.

Zikri Rahman said they will come out with something 'new' every year, by teaming up not just with a community around Klang Valley but all over Southeast Asian too.

Local film-maker, Liew Seng Tat with Curator 'ASEAN Dalam Filem', Muzzamer Rahman
during gala screening Flowers In The Pocket.

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