Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Intern, Love Life UPDATE

It's already week past by my first internship!
Usually, I will be working somewhere as part-time but since I'm flunked during my first semester of Bachelor in Journalism, why not take this chance to improve.

Well, since it was my first internship and they are willing to take me as theirs around 2 months, I had a clear vision. is where I begin my journey on becoming a great writer. But, unfortunately, my grammar aren't that strong enough to write my own story.

Although it's just only a week past by, honestly I learned a lot on how online news portal surviving these days.

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Clearly I'm not looking something in return (money) but earning (experiences) during my short internship. Although it was tiring and give me a headache but this is what I want to do the most in the future. But, let me just upgrade grammar skills first!

Head on to love life
Nothing much to tell about us. He also working during this semester break for 11 hours, which mine just 9 hours. His work mostly involving physical while I need to 'perah' something out of my brain. 

It's kind of hard and different because we rarely contact due to working hour circumstances. So yeah...

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