June 10, 2015

Lost without watches

Having a watch when going for primary school is consider as growing up (in my own world, I think). And it's a practical training for children (sort of) to always learning about numbers after their kindergarten days over.

Recap back the memories such as, buying a watch at night stall with your parents when you was a kid. There are variety of design of cartoon and strap to be chosen, and sometimes that watch are much more bigger than your hand.

But when we becoming a 'women', everyone knows that watches can never go out of style and is a must-have piece especially for any women to own. This is because not only are watches a time telling instrument but it also acts as an accessory for women. 

The best part is watch designers have created various design of watches for women to choose from depending on their personal taste. For the ladies who want to know the trending watches for women design this year, below are three women watches that are getting a huge attention among the ladies:

1.     Gold stainless steel

No woman can resist the luxury expensive look of gold watches has on you. No matter what brand the gold stainless steel watches are from, the classic gold gives woman a feeling of power and sophistication in their look. The gold watches are a common choice by women to wear to work, formal events and dinner parties as they certainly will give you a boost of confidence.

'Gold with gold, never go wrong'

'Exclusiveness without wearing another bunch of accessories. 
It just enough by wearing watches'

2.     Leather simple

Meanwhile this leather simple strap watch will never be forgotten by the ladies especially as it gives women that soft appeal. Whether a woman chooses to wear a brown or black leather strap watch, the piece is versatile to be matched with anything you have on. Women can match it with a dress, formal wears, jacket and even tank tops without looking out of place. 

This is a must have on every women wardrobe due to versatility, especially with black strap. Black can't never go wrong with anything, it suits everything.

Which one is your favourite?

3.     Statement watches

"Be one of a kind"

Nowadays, the watches women choose have a funky twist and it adds that focus towards the accessories compared to the normal stainless steel and leather watches. 

Statement watches are designed with the purpose of making others view your watches as part of your outfit. 

With various elements and watch designs in the market, women can simply have their favourite pick and show it off with the right ensemble.

It's okay to be different

This three trending watches for women are the choices for you to made,  by suiting your individuality style. 

I personally think that watches are part of my daily live, whenever I go I always wore it, maybe I inherent it from my parents. Because my dad love watches, and most certainly knows about it because his hobby is to collected 'old' and rare watches and same goes the same to my mother. 

And It doesn't matte either digital or analog, as long you can cherish the time that you live in. You should be alright :)

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