June 4, 2015

INCITE by Power

Not my average talk that I usually attend to, this event sure give me something 
that I need when I'm lost.

Yes I am LOST!
Although, I was being force to attend this talk, but it's kind of worth it.

INCITEMENT is a global movement that encourages individuals to incite positivity in a form of goals, visions, shared knowledge, compelling stories and transforming their inspiration into taking assertive action. 

An INCITEMENT event is no ordinary talk. It is a transformational experience that is not just about the content provided by the speakers (a.k.a. Inciters). The INCITEMENT experience is designed around 3 pillars: 
  • Fun 
  • Contribution 
  • Growth 
This event was happened on last Friday, which yea long time ago (according to the current timeliness scale)

So I will be written in chronological orders since that's what excite people right now (people love to see pictures/graphical stuffs)

They start the event by clapping and songs and so on due build the energy since it was a Friday night and it's a Hari Gawai break.


1. Selfie is kind of the 'thing' right now and I was not that fond by it. But, hey why not once awhile. Then, they asked us to greet someone  that we never seen/known and take a picture as a prove. So here it goes:

2. Alumni Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) in Public Relation, Tasnim Abd. Hadi.

"I'm complain a lot because of I'm Malaysian," she said to add a laughter to the audience.

I was amazed by her accent because that was a hell of good English.  And another things about her is the way she give a talk really creative because she used CATS and BEYONCE as she learn lot's from them.

We inspired and learn a lot of things somewhere, somehow but here is what make this interesting.

  • Cats don't care about people's judgement
  • Cats see opportunities where most people don't
  • Cats fall, but they always land on their feet

 3. GUYS VS GIRLS - A minute to Inspire

Given a minute to inspire? I don't think that even possible but hey this contestant sure show it possible to inspire people in just a minute. In the end, they all win because I think everyone have a different story to share.


4. Jan Bartscht - 21st Century Leadership Expert

10 years experience across Europe and Asia, he sure nails the incitement columns.
He share his energy to the audience and give a speak about 'theory' but not in that bored way. 
So here it goes:

"Power create change, controls and direct it," he said.

DESIRE TO CREATE (give details) -> Describe your target -> Deliver results you care -> Develop your result.

What Do You Need To Succeed?
  • Decide to take control of your life.
  • Discover your desire
  • Push yourself to be successful


5. FLASHSLIDE - The world we live in today.

The most-shyness person choosed to tell based on picture that we will show pictures, until it was finished.

*laughing moment*


6. Deborah Henry

CHOICE is a privilege.

Miss Malaysia 2011 mostly talking about her experience in certain countries which refugee was lived.

The quote that I remember from her sides is
"They are alive basically, but their brain was death"

Miss Deborah, a passionate person which are keen to giving something to community and, she is the founder of FUGEE school for the refugee.


Last but not least,

Thank you for all the team for their hard work in handling this events

It was quick but really inspiring especially for a person like me because at that time I was kind of lost. 

Keep up the good work and I was hope a talk like this should be handle more in UiTM. Just to help student to gain back that 'wow factor' in theirself

Till then.

And oh did I mention that INCITEMENT is an official partner of IM4U?

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