Monday, April 30, 2012

Petrosains is a place where I work since December 2010,
and finally I get an event to work on, so Yahoo!

Since this is my first time in joining an event in Petrosains,
I found it very fun to worked with a person that I didn't know,
and learn a few things about science,

Here I present you Camp In Kid Explorer Night Sk Taman Kosas.
On 27th -28th April 2012

I have been on training since Tuesday until Thursday, 
Cut the Monday because I didn't come due to misunderstanding.
But what I can describe is, it was fun, tiring, thrilling and awesome training.

The day had come,
I arrived early because I get excited and happy about my result, Alhamdulillah.
Since its on Friday, the centre is quite because all of Muslim boys went for Solat Jumaat.

The school group arrived on 6 pm,
we are quite short on time so we are rushing from
Luggage -> ice breaking -> Maghrib & Eating -> Opening Ceremony -> LN -> Smokey Ice -> Film Canister -> Isya' & Eating -> Sleeping.

Shuffling mode for tonight!
Campfire to brought up camping vibe!

This kiddo love to take picture :)
Before Dancing
Day after tomorrow, facilitator have to wake up on 5 am,
it was hard to wake up early in the morning since we get tired from yesterday.
But for the kids, anything will do :)

After brushing the teeth, Solat Subuh, we do some exercise!

KLCC before 7 am. Cool liddat!
Since they already charging up for that morning. 
We went back to Petrosains to do -> tour around Petrosains -> Closing Ceremony.

I do learn something along this events, and I appreciated VMU for choosing me to be one of the facilitator.
Anyway, I'm looking forward on the next event. :)

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