Friday, September 23, 2011

Interview Part 2

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After Half an Hour :
I felt really relieved, it's like a burden from my shoulder is gone but reality is it's not finished yet.
I still have my interview, so here we go again.
We were taken to this one room to stay and wait for our turn to be interviewed.

First tips that I can give you is don't be arrogant, be sociable, smile a lot and
tried to communicate with each other.
Because, you might get something for that conversation.
Depend on an individual, either you get a confidence to communicate before the interview or you will get some great bunch of information.

For me, I just communicate. It was rather fun environment for me, I get excited!
So, it's my turned, my palm start to sweat and I just pray a lot, inhale and exhale million of times.

When I entered the room, I steps on the right foot, smile and greets.
So, here is some conversation between the panel and I :

Panel : Tell me a bit about your background.
Me : My name is Nur Aqalili Binti Azizan, I'm 18 years old, I live in Selayang and my hobby is . . . etc.
        [ it was quite long introduction ]
Panel : Why do you want to take mascom?
Me : I want to take mascommunication because I want to be a journalism.

To cut the long story, lucky me, they didn't ask me about current issues at all,
We just chat, normal chat, they ask me a lot about my background, and what I do is just talk in English.
Well, it was a fun situation, I wish I can do it again.

After finished, me and my family went to my dad office and since I'm hungry we went eating at Kopitiam, Petaling Jaya.

and that's all for the 'Interview', I hope I will entered UiTM second intake, because I want to achieve something bigger in the future.

Before I end this post, I will give you some tips for an interview:

1. Do some practice on communication.
2. Preparation is really important.
3. Wear something that boost up your confidence yet modest and suitable for an interview.
4 . Bring all the important file, your birth certificate, school certificate and etc.
5.  Bring along stationery if got exam on writing an essay.
6. Smile, don't be arrogant and try to communicate.

and that's all for today. Have a nice day! :)

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