Friday, August 12, 2011

Too Honest, Backfired.

Honesty is one of the good deed that must have in human being, it shows the humanity site of us rather than us being like an animal.
I personally write based on my experience.
You will feel relive, positive vibe inside you when being honest.

At times, we shouldn't be too honest, otherwise it will backfire yourself.
For example, someone special cook you something, and then you taste it
but it's not good.
In this situation, if you're being too honest when a person  that too excited to heard
a positive comment from you, you have ruin it.

Sometimes it's okay if you're not being too honest.
Sometimes, you need to be honest so you didn't get into a scandal.
Like a singer, us as a human being have the right to tell about the truth.

We basically are just human being, eventually we will make mistake,
we lie, we speak harshly because we have a feeling and we would like to express it,
with our own way, it just nature.

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