Thursday, April 14, 2011

"stay" and "strong"

Did I tell you, I really adore Disney Star Demi Lovato so much?
I look up to her as my role model no matter what.
She is a star with her beautiful voice, and poise.
She is a million bucks but she worth more that million bucks.

She is who she was.
Did you know I once be like her when I was a kid and
I have been through sort of the same story as her?
except for eating disorder but I use to depressed
and take a 'Panadol pil' whenever I think I want to.

Why I becoming like that?
It just because of mentally bullying.
When I was a kid I really passion about scout, when it comes to marching I will do as hard as I can
Thus when I was young, I'm sort of corny. I always cry.
Maybe because of who I am , bunch of girls send me a hate letter
about 10 person and sign the letter for a prove.

I cried because that was really hurtful,
When I went back home I took a knife and put it on my hand
and try to cut myself but I can't because I know
what is the use for me to do that?

When I became a teenager, luckily it's like a new life for me.
I start all over again try to erase the painful memory.
It is hard to do but I become stronger and matured after that,
I changed to a better person everyday, tried to search there still a good thing inside me.

Until now, I still learn how to handle a certain situation in life,
Last time, I don't think friends is needed because they aren't useful
but I see that friends is needed in certain situation.

Therefore, I'm glad that I have the opportunity to live with some sort of changes.
Because when I was given a second chance I grab it without any doubt.

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