Friday, April 08, 2011


Do you ever feel want to lay on the bad for whole one day and just sit and watching tv and and do any kind of stuff that you want. I do feel like that, for today only.
Besides, it was a long time since I didn't do something like 'today'.
First thing in the morning,I took a bath then ate and waiting for the driving classes.

It was a short day for me, after I came back from the driving classes, went to school and then went back home
and just sit down and relax and finished my Scout Log Book.
Really tiring with all the writing, I just want to make the best log book in my history.
(I'm quite competitive if you want to know)

I have that competitive vibe since I don't know when but that vibe might hurt me if I lost.
But I feel numb after so many lost that I gain. Too bad I was not been seen as competitor in circle of my friends.
(Actually I'm glad!)

Enough with the vibe, it was really relaxing day.
I've watch so many movie like 'Estet', 'Wipe It' by Drew Barrymore, 'Castle' (My FAVE show!),
and many more.
It was a long time since I'm wasting my time watching television all day long.
Anyhow, I'm glad that I done like that because I do need a break time.
Since, it's my life I can do whatever I want :)

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