Friday, March 18, 2011

Topic : MIA & JAPAN

Assalammualikum and Hola,

I have been M.I.A (stands for Missing In Action) for a while due to a lot's of things that make me busy.
Working, thinking, reading, friending and others. I was so damn tired and my body always felt tired to.
I decided to organised back my life into a healthy life style that I use to do like jogging, eat healthily.
It is important to eat healthily with a complete nutrient like protein, fat and vegetables. Jogging is also important, to complete that healthy life style that I've talking about. From next week, Insha-Allah I will start to do those thing since I've to take of my body to live long as I expected (Insha-Allah again).

Okay, next topic.

On 11/3/2011, recorded as the longest recorded history of tsunamis. It's about JAPAN.
From deep in my heart, I felt really sad and frightened about what happened at there because
I really adore Japan since I was a kid. I'm just hoping that it will be alright after the historical heartbreaking news. PRAY FOR THEM (Al-fatihah) for their safety.

I will end this post with a clip of tsunami happened in Japan.


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