Monday, March 14, 2011


Can you see the schedule up there? its insane right?
Do you think schedule is an important things for your daily live?
For me right now, it's really important!
Unfortunately, sometimes a plan not going as well as we plan.

Okay, here we go.
I'm basically going to university this year
and now I'm working, I'm basically do 2 works
and that does not include I'm the owner of a blog-shop.

and I can feel that my world is up side down when 
I didn't follow my schedule. It was really dizzy.
Like for example on Monday, Wednesday & Friday 
I work at 'A' place.
and On Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
I work at 'B'

and when I'm free at anytime I want,
I will update my blog-shop.
I just have to organised every single thing that I'm going to do
in my daily live, I have to plan a week before another week.

That's what basically I'm do every single day,
It was fun and tiring,
but I enjoyed every single day that I have.

So, it's not possible that you can't do to.


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