Friday, March 04, 2011

I'm Glad

Assalammualaikum ( eceyh being muslimah nie :p )
This last few weeks, day maybe.
I'm very glad that I'm able to experience this kind of life.
I never expected that I could be this happy while busy working and others.

and for that, this is my glad wishlist :)

Firstly I'm glad that I experience this new year with courage.
Second of all, I'm glad that I'm become more matured in the way of thinking.
Third, I'm glad that I getting to know about myself and how to control my stress and others.
Fourth, I'm glad that I have someone that willing to accept me for who I am.
Fifth, I'm glad that everything was fine when I can control it.
Sixth, I'm glad that I have this positive vibe inside of me.

For whom I want to glad to? GOD, PARENTS,FRIENDS :)

I'm hope that I will become more and more matured, fun and my experience will
be added more, because every human being need to experience certain things
and learn from mistake because from that mistake we can be better person.

P/S : time to reveal myself :)


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