Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm poetic person? Maybe not

As I can remember, it was really a long time since I write a poem.
So erm, this is kind of from bottom of my heart and enjoy! :)

When I first look at you,
I felt something about you,
that caught my attention,
and drown me into the ocean,

Then, you like a sunrise,
that come inside me
lighten up my emotion,
and letting go of my fears,

You are my guardian,
that protect me from the darkness,
you are the one,
that shine me with your light,

You make me smile and laugh,
when I'm right beside you,
I do feel comfortable,
although I didn't express it,

I pray to god that
please meet me with somebody
who understand me,
and I've found the one,
it was you 

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