Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Dream ...

Well, well, well. What a day-what a day. (erh, why I keep repeating the words? aa.. never mind)
back to the serious face - _ - this morning, I wake up kind of early because of this dream.
It's not a bad dream, pervert dream, but a NIGHTMARE! (screw you!)

The story begin:
Once upon a time, I see a tall man on the tree at the back of my house and a normal human being just like us, wearing a clown mask or helmet ( I can't get the right vision ). When I look at that normal guy, he doesn't react anything but ...

When I look at the tall man, he and the normal guy begin to react. The normal guy take out some weapon like a chopper something sharp try to cracked out my kitchen window and it seems like they are trying to kidnapped me.

Then, before they succeeded  to cracked out the window. I awake from my sleep and hoping that the dream will never continue.

Pretty weird and scared huh?!

WAIT!! speaking about nightmare. I miss this movie! :)


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