Sunday, January 30, 2011

My heart screaming?!

Does my heart screaming in English Vocabulary exist?
Omg! I can't barely say a words when I met
 Fatimah Mohamed Amin

Aishah Amin : The Hijab Diaries,

Maryam Mohamed Amin,
(Sorry If I spell your name incorrectly)

They are so beautiful, nice and friendly, seriously
I never though of chatting with them without being so shy.
Yes, DORK is a shy person (it's the truth)
but sadly, I came when they are already packing up.
(Sorry if I disturbed you ladies :/)

I've got quite a long conversation with our ms. Aishah Amin.
(and sorry if I talk to loud and doesn't hear your words until the end,
because I was just to excited and nervous at the same time :D )
We talk a little bit about Bazaar, Fashion, and University as well.

And erm as a conclusion I'm very glad that I've come although I was sort of 
a last person to come and not buying anything :/
but I hope I can meet you lovely ladies again in the future.

BTW. tq for your goodies, never expected. :D

 Have a nice day :)

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