Monday, January 24, 2011

Bonjour, Annyeonghaseyo, Welcome and Selamat Datang.

Can you see the title up there? Do you think I can speak French, Korean, English and Bahasa Malaysia.

Well, of course FRENCH and KOREAN is a big NO! but Insha-Allah I will learn those language and master it. HAHA.

Okay, that's kind of weird Introduction. Alright, how can I introduce myself without revealing who I am? herm..

Here we go, my name is _______, I live in Malaysia, I'm muslim and I proud to wear hijab neatly. I'm not that bad, I'm not that good, sometimes I'm annoying sometimes I'm not (That mean I have unbalanced emotion)

Furthermore, on 2011 I'm 17 and 9 month years old because my birthday is on 14 October 1993. While waiting for my SPM result, I work as a Volunteer at Petrosains and clerk/teacher in the tuition centre. (I'm a workaholic) Thus, I'm a girl so manually, I love fashion. My fashion inspiration is AISHAH AMIN! (Love her!) and I think that's all for an introduction because I think this is way to much.
Thank you for your visit, come again :) 


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