Thursday, January 27, 2011


This post is not suitable for heart-attack, depressed, and resentful person.
27/1/2011 (Thursday)
It's a beautiful day to start by going out with some friends, watching movies, window shopping and having a GILA-GILA time! but not every time the sunshine always come to protect us from the rain. So I hereby to end my speech by listing out my lesson of the day:
1. Power of Facebook : when you post your status, everyone can read,know and comment if they want to. That can brings catastrophic. Get it? 
2. Never trust a stranger, this could be disaster. 
3. Get to know a person deep down inside and then you can trust them. 
4. When you are still teenager, that crush feeling is normal but try to control them. 
5. You must make a very wise decision. 
6. Do not forget your decent. 
7. Do not ever include your personnel life into working life, IF YOU DO IT WILL BE DISASTER! totally! 
8. Just be yourself, it is one of useful thing that at least you can do.

Till then,XXDORKXX

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